Experimental Ceramic Factory “Vorontsovo” in Moscow is one of the most famous art center for russian ceramic artists. The Factory organizes programs of residences that allow artists to create their art projects.

About my work.

Сeramic vessels “Heroes” are made during my residence at the Vorontsovo stoneware factory. As a decision that I made at the time, folk art was the only tool, which could express the conceptions of ancient myths naturally.

Mythologization in the modern world and the mythology of the past, what do they have in common? This questioning is my way of thinking over every detail in the structure and also every idea in the subconsciousness. Are the ancient myths in tune with the modern consciousness? These are the questions, which I tried to answer along the days I have spent in the Vorontsovo factory in Moscow.

At the core of this artwork was the desire to express ancient concepts of the “ideal man” in a simple traditional craft form. Beautiful proportion of folk pottery was connected to the stories about the heroes’ monuments in ancient myths. Deliberate authenticity of the form has been chosen to make a more significant impact to the audience. Admiring the beauty of pure form has sparked the idea of designing a contemporary work, which is born in the past — a concept of the “modern antiquity”.