AIB 2014

Art Ii Biennale (AIB) is the project of KulttuuriKauppila art center which has been produced once per two years. AIB 2014 project involved 9 international artist from Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Russia, Latvia and Finland.

About my work.

Cosmological Swamp is one of the mythological stories of Komi. Cosmogony, the term refers to the act of creation of all that exists. The primordial swamp is a symbol where the Komi version of Genesis began. There are many swamps in Finland , so as in Komi. Therefore, I decided to tell this story during “Art Ii biennale 2014” at the Kulttuuri Kauppila Art Center in Finland, because I feel a kinship between Finish and Komi nature and our way of life.

The story is about two frog brothers living in the primordial swamp. Their names were Jen and Omel. To flee from mosquitoes, they decided to move to somewhere higher on the mound but eventually they fell down with their bones broken and thus turned into humans. Jen made the sun and all the good things but Omel made the moon and all the bad things.

Ceramic pieces were made in the usage of the clay impressions of local trees, swamp plants, stones and other surfaces. Making prints is very exciting work. It allows me to see another side of the natural surface. I mix transparent glaze and manganese oxide for covering clay surfaces in order to stress it. This technique allowed me to hold only one firing at a temperature of 1040 degrees Celsius. The lower part of the sculpture is made of cement, which is reinforced with metal net. Cement shell covers artificial mound of soil and stones.

Residence at the KulttuuriKauppila  Art Center.

The installation “Singing tree” has been created during my residence at the KulttuuriKauppila Art Center in Finland in 2014.

I made sounding ceramic pieces. They are hidden on the ash tree. Windy weather in the first few days of my residence gave me that idea, which was to create a musical noise like a melody of chaos in addition to my biennial artwork. The topic for biennial artists was the landscapes of mind and language. This installation reproduces the voice of the Finish nature, which is not very loud and requests patience to hear it, because sound can be heard only in windy days.

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